iPad and iPhone

iPad and iPhone Managment

Secure Mobile Workers

Your people are always on the go, and the work must also go on. We provide point-to-point and client based VPN networking to keep your remote mobile and computing assets securely connected.

  • Tomotechi’s mobile device management solutions reign in large or small numbers of iPad and iPhone.

    We help your company deploy a consistent iOS system configuration, with custom app profiles, email, contacts, calendars and synchronized application content across your workforce mobile devices.

    Talk to a representative about a hosted or on premise mobile device management solution.

  • When iOS upgrades or migrations to new devices do not go well, call us.

    We can also configure your iTunes, iPad, iPhone, App world so that future migrations and upgrades are a breeze. Technicians are also available to assist with iPhone and iPad backups and iOS data recovery. Also- we repair iPhone and iPad!

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