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Cloud Hosting

  • Website Hosting

    Our partnerships provides us with state-of-the-art website hosting systems. Your website will be securely hosted on powerful load balanced server systems that can handle traffic spikes with ease and remain online.

  • Server Colocation for Offsite Backups

    Local data center partnership provides physical cabinet and secured access to our local offsite hosting location. Fixed fee backups solutions configured with client owned backup servers give customers the ultimate control over their data.

  • Tomohost Cloud

    We utlize a VMWare environment to rapidly deploy new applications and services with zero upfront hardware costs to the client. We routinely run and manage cloud based email, phone, and application server systems.

  • Managed Kerio Connect Server & Exchange

    We offer fully managed Kerio Connect virtual email servers. Included is server OS support, Kerio Connect administration, and backups. Insulate your business communications with a highly available virtual Kerio Connect messaging server.

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