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Business class email, spam filtering, antivirus, shared calendars and more from Kerio Connect.

  • Calendars & Resource Sharing

    Shared calendars are also supported by Kerio Connect - complete with meeting invites, alarms, over the air sync. Integrate directly with Microsoft Outlook, iCal, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and more. Schedule meeting rooms and other company resources.

  • Business Class Email

    Business email has the features required by today’s modern and mobile professionals: over the air sync, spam filtering and blocking, antivirus protection, mobile device integration and more.

  • Onsite Email Server

    Kerio Connect is a cross platform solution that installs on Linux, Windows, or Mac servers. Talk to your representative about our VMWare based virtual Kerio Connect cloud email server solutions.

  • Managed Kerio Connect Server

    We offer fully managed Kerio Connect virtual email servers. Included is server OS support, Kerio Connect administration, and backups. Insulate your business communications with a highly available virtual Kerio Connect messaging server.

  • Email Domain Migration

    We have migrated hundreds of domains from one email service to another. Our experience spans all POP and IMAP servers, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Atmail, & Kerio Connect.

  • Cross Platform Configuration & Support

    Tomotechi technicians are trained to administer email clients of all kinds. We offer advanced configuration of all Mac and Windows email clients, all iOS and Android mobile devices, and all Windows mobile devices.

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