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Mac at Home

Experience with people and their home environments.

Our years of experience lend as well when we tackle tough problems in the home environment as they do at work places. Our friendly technicians will visit your Houston Area home to help with a number of Mac and Technology related issues. All business class services are available to consumers in home or home office environments. Below are a few of our more common at-home sevice requests.

  • Our technicians are skilled at helping users of all types.

    From the beginning of our relationship, you will experience the highest level of expertise, respect, and patience. Consider Tomotechi for at home consulting services.

  • Mac Operating System Upgrade or New Computer Migration

    Call us for an analysis of your risk before upgrading your Mac computer. We can ensure your upgrade or migration to a new computer goes smoothly with minimal downtime.

  • Remote Mac Support & Help

    We provide remote mac support assistance. We can be the experienced set of eyes and hands that resolve your issue right away. Call us at 281-407-1619.

  • In Home Wifi Network Setup and Troubleshooting

    Are you having trouble with your WIFI signal strength or coverage? Need some help with choosing the right equipment? We are experienced wifi admins who can work around troublesome interference issues to improve your wireless network experience for good.

  • Media streaming - iTunes and Beyond!

    A small media server is the perfect complement to your HD tv and home theater system. Tomotechi home media specialists can help design and implement video and audio streaming solutions powered by Mac OS X. Stream to XBOX, Tv, Computer, iPad, iPhone and more.

  • Home Theatre Design and Pro Media

    Tomotechi’s video and audio expertise runs deep - most of our personnel have held roles as audio engineers and video producers in previous lives. Our comprehensive service can provide expert advice regarding speakers, projectors and projection screens, 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 surround sound configurations and more.

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