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Local Onsite & Offiste Backups

Maintaining regular and verified backups for our clients is one of our most important roles. Regulatory compliance, accidental deletions, hard drive crashes, theft… the reasons for a property backup strategy are endless and the repercussions for not having one can be quite severe. Whether you need to protect a few gigabytes or many terabytes of data, we have you covered.

  • Business Continuity

    Business continuity planning can help you prepare for long term outages. Our cloud based VOIP Phone, Email, and File Service systems can ensure communications between you and your clients during the worst of times. Tomotechi can help your company craft a solution which will stand up against the forces of nature, calamity, and bad luck.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Server failure? Worse? Our technicians are able to burst into action when severe computer troubles occur. We have been through hurricanes, flood, and fire here in Houston. Call us if you are in need of experienced battle veterans to help you recover.

  • Private Backup Server

    We deploy private backup systems for customers requiring full control over their data. We host client owned server and storage hardware in Houston data center facility - and manage your backups. Large restores can be performed quickly without having to wait for download. This backup solution can be transferred to a location of your choosing. Excellent long term private approach to the backups problem.

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