Mac Server Setup

Mac server setup.

Mac OS X Server Setups and Support

We have been building out collaborative Apple Mac server based systems for customers of all sizes for years. This expertise results in highly stable configurations and sound software and hardware procurement advice to customers. We perform the full range of services for new and existing Apple server systems. We do things the right way the first time around.

See our article on the sturdy yet small Mac Mini Server platform and it’s uses to business owners as a server computer for more details.

  • Mac Server Upgrades and Migration

    Is your server slowing down? It may be time to upgrade your production system.

    Have you thought about the performance gains that SSD storage will bring to your central Apple Mac server system? Memory and storage upgrades are a great way to extend the life of your existing assets. We perform server OS upgrades, server storage or memory upgrades, and can help you migrate your server system to new computing hardware.

  • Mac RAID: Redundant Data Storage

    We know Mac RAID - Protecting your Data is our first and primary job.

    Safe storage for your files is a snap with Tomotechi. Speak to a representative about your requirements - we offer custom data storage configurations specific to your company data workflow requirements. Blazing fast to simply redundant configurations available in all sizes.

    See the Pegasus and Pegasus2 lines of RAID unit from Promise for excellent, small, and FAST redundant storage. For customers needing redundant storage for backups - we work with an array of Network Attached Storage vendors. Call us today for a free analysis of your needs.

  • Mac and Windows Compatable File Sharing

    Cross platform collaborative storage spaces for company files.

    Server document and file sharing is a great way to boost productivity amongst your team. Centralize your important company files, share them, and back them up from one location. Your productivity suffers when your team is busy emailing and dropboxing files to each other. Work directly on a central network volume and reduce the email attachment headache!

  • Emergency Support for Apple Mac OS X Server

    We offer near immediate response for server emergencies.

    Did something nasty happen with your Apple Mac OS X server system today? Consultants arrive onsite to diagnose and repair Mac server problems. We respond to emergency tech support for a Mac server not booting, broken file services, hard drive problems, RAM issues, RAID volume problems. We can migrate your server to new hardware on the spot if it is available. Data recovery service also available.

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